"The depth of music therapy at Venturers' Academy has been exemplary and is changing lives for the better".

Trystan Williams

"Hello Paula and Alphonso, I just want to thank you both for your fantastic contribution to the conference on Sunday and rounding off the conference with powerful testimony and song. Just wonderful."

Eugene Ellis,

Hi Alphonso! Ah what a day! It was so great to have you here, everyone absolutely loved your sessions!" (Creative Music Workshop)

Janey Barrett, Wellbeing Lead and Retreat Facilitator, Penny Brohn,

"It has been my privilege to work closely alongside Alphie Archer. His passion for the rights of all the students he serves motivates Alphie. In the middle of a complex conversation, he will break off to greet a distressed, anxious child; his eye contact and open gestures all state: ‘I value you’. Colleagues and young people warm instantly to him, calm in his presence, listen to his voice, and regain their composure. The dignity of the workforce and children's rights is paramount in all the actions taken directly or indirectly by Alphie Archer as a music therapist. Music therapy is what he does intuitively, thoughtfully and wisely. These values extend to his interactions with the whole staff team, Governors and Trustees. He always expects the best from himself and fellow staff members because the children he serves deserve the best."

Trystan Williams

“Dear Alphie, I wanted to convey my heartfelt appreciation for your exceptional role as a therapist, teacher, and mentor to my child at Ventures Academy, a school catering to children with Autism. Your dedication to developing their musical talents beyond the piano and drums, your unwavering support, and your unique ability to create a nurturing environment has been pivotal in their growth and development. Your impact goes far beyond music, and I am deeply grateful for your positive influence on their journey.”

Bonnie (Mother, Year 11 Pupil)